Regarding HT DIG: commercial usage, copyrights, and so on

Carlos Alberto Reis Ribeiro (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:18:29 -0300

Dear Mr. Andrew Scherpbier,

I was reading some news articles about web searches when I found a
reference about your software, HT DIG. Although I know that you are
quite busy running your own company, Contigo Software, I would like to
know if you have some spare time to answer some simple questions of

I was just thinking about something related to the HT DIG software -
only that my design calls for a completely distributed approach for
robots and searching. I was going to write this software myself, but in
the true tradition of Open Software, it's better to see what was done
first. I think that I can adapt a lot of HT DIG for this purpose.

What I have in mind is a 'derived product', which would be released in
conformity with the GNU License. This software will be used for
commercial purposes - however, I intend to keep the source code open for
everyone to see and change. With time, my implementation seeks to be a
complete, distributed 'Internet Index' such as Excite or Altavista.
There are many business details that I cant give to you, but the concept
seems pretty solid.

I would like to know what do you think about this idea. I think I have a
pretty good idea on the business side, and maybe HT DIG is the right
technology for me at this point.

Best regards,

Carlos Ribeiro

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