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Simon Fleischmann-Shostak (
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 11:49:20 -0600

>> > And as a sort of follow up to that -- how does one set ht://Dig to search
>> > multiple restricted areas, rather than just one? I'm designing a form
>> > interface to allow a selectable menu of Web site areas to search, but it
>> > only appears to work when set as a single-selection field.
>> >
>> > Like so (example):
>> >
>> > Search Section:<BR>
>> > <SELECT NAME="restrict" SIZE="1">
>> > <OPTION VALUE="">All of the Web site
>> > <OPTION VALUE="one">First Part
>> > <OPTION VALUE="two">Second Part
>> > <OPTION VALUE="three">Third Part
>> > </SELECT>

>For restricting you should try :
> <SELECT NAME="restrict" SIZE="1">
> <OPTION VALUE="">All of the Web site
> <OPTION VALUE="">First Part
> <OPTION VALUE="">Second Part
> <OPTION VALUE="">Third Part
>It works like a champ... I actually combine both methods, I use
>restriction and also split things into different databases and rather than
>use the database references I use different configs for each database
>allows for a lot more flexibility.


Actually, what I'm trying to figure out is *multiple* selections in one
form, rather than just one. You'll note that your search-restrict example
is actually the same as mine -- you don't have to include "http://..."
because ht://Dig already knows the base URL of your site.

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