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Marc Bourget (
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On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, you wrote:
>> If you allow http access but the site is intended for only https access,
>> won't the stored URLs contain http references? Is there a way to safely
>> change them to https refs after the indexing occurs?
I was able to get htdig idex the https site by diabling my redirection on http
site of the same name and passing a -u username:password to htdig. The problem
is that I must restart the http server each time I want to reindex the site.
For a short moment during indexation, I've got a potential breach of security.

>You're right, though I didn't write exactly what I meant. :-)
>It's pretty easy to write a small patch that forces ht://Dig to recognize
>an https URL and try the same URL under http. Then the URL is stored as
> but the indexing can occur through http access (if
Do you intend to write such a patch shortly.
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