Re: htdig: search for a phrase?

Simon Fleischmann-Shostak (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 17:07:43 -0600

>On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, Simon Fleischmann-Shostak wrote:
>> And as a sort of follow up to that -- how does one set ht://Dig to search
>> multiple restricted areas, rather than just one? I'm designing a form
>> interface to allow a selectable menu of Web site areas to search, but it
>> only appears to work when set as a single-selection field.

>> When I try it as a <SELECT ... MULTIPLE> ht://Dig finds nothing -- htsearch
>> places a "%01" between the multiple selections.

>I had that same problem some time ago. The solution is, as I close remember,
>to have an entry in the option list with two "values" concatinated with
>a pipe sign (|). So you'll need something like
>OPTION VALUE="one|two" .......


That would seem to work, when something like this is passed to htsearch:|foobar3|fooba

Which would restrict the search to URLs with foobar1, foobar3, or foobar5
in them.

But, the form won't send multiple selections divided with a "|" -- so it
seems like it needs another cgi-script to concatenate the selections and
send them to htsearch. Right?

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