Re: htdig: htdig hangs if db is a nfs mounted filesystem

Richard Jones (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:03:00 +0100

Budd, S. wrote:
> Hello
> Using SunOS 5.6 with HT:DIG 3.0.8b2
> Just an interesting thing to note.
> If the db directory has been nfs mounted
> "mount /mnt"
> mkdir /mnt/htdig/db
> and the configuration file to set use the above directory,
> then htdig
> hangs after having created the file
> "docdb" in the directory /mnt/htdig/db

I have indexed onto a NFS-mounted database before (from
Linux) and it works fine. To diagnose this further, you
need to tell us:

 . what OS is the server running?
 . what the output of strace(1) or truss(1) is on the htdig
   or htmerge executable that is failing (ie. what
   system call the program hangs on)?
 . does the process hang in the `D' state (see ps(1))?

> If I set the TMP and TMPDIR variables to point to
> the nfs mounted directory /mnt/tmp.
> and create the db files in a non-nfs mounted directory,
> the htmerge program works successfully, implying
> that the writing to the tmp file is in someway different
> to the writing to the db files.

Seems that TMPDIR only affects where sort stores
its temporary files during the htmerge phase. Should
have no affect on htdig.


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