Re: htdig: htdig mishandles commas in META tag keyword list?

Brad Shelton (
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 09:48:19 -0500

Nick Talbott wrote:

> Brad Shelton wrote:
> > The problem is, htdig doesn't merely ignore or strip any commas that are
> > there, but rather lumps them in as part of the keyword (according to the
> > debug output we've seen). That is, the tag
> I noticed this behaviour and a quick scan through the source reveals a
> solution.
> Patch the source file htdig/ as follows:.
> Add a comma to the second parameter of the strtok call in each of lines
> 547, 552, 567 and 572 of the file.
> For example in line 547:
> char *w = strtok(keywords, " ,\t\r\n");
> =
> If you make this patch, run "make depend" to update dependencies before
> re-compiling

I had made a fix of my own on Friday, but the one posted by both Nick &
Chris is a better solution. Thanks for the replies--

Brad Shelton
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