htdig: htdig hangs if db is a nfs mounted filesystem

Budd, S. (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:58:36 +0100

Using SunOS 5.6 with HT:DIG 3.0.8b2

  Just an interesting thing to note.

If the db directory has been nfs mounted

 "mount /mnt"
  mkdir /mnt/htdig/db

  and the configuration file to set use the above directory,

then htdig
hangs after having created the file
"docdb" in the directory /mnt/htdig/db

If I set the TMP and TMPDIR variables to point to
the nfs mounted directory /mnt/tmp.
and create the db files in a non-nfs mounted directory,
the htmerge program works successfully, implying
that the writing to the tmp file is in someway different
to the writing to the db files.

We get around this by not indexing deep enough
to require the additional space but I thought it might
be of interest for the list to know.

Sinclair Budd
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