htdig: Script Headers?

Graham Wilton (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 17:58:14 +0100

In a moment of madness, I offered to set up a free(ish) Intranet at work,
using Linux (RedHat 5.0) Apache (1.2) and HTDig.
It all seems to be working, but when I use the default search form
(search.html) that comes with HTDig (which should run /cgi_bin/htsearch),
Apache returns error 500. The Apache error log says the reason for the
problem is "premature end of script header". This is discussed in the
Apache FAQ (FAQ 14), but I don't understand either the reason for the
problem or the proposed solution.
I'm a complete novice at this, so if anyone can help, assume I know nothing
- you won't be far wrong.

P.S. - apologies if this isn't an HTDig problem, but Apache implies it is.
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