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Venkatesh M C (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 23:10:47 -0700


Sorry for the delay in replying.

Just one more question: the "System requirements" page says that
ht://Dig was developed under Unix using C++. But does that mean that it
will just not run under Windows? Since we can have the full source code,
is it possible to replace any system-level calls with equivalent Windows
API calls?

Besides, are you aware of any web robots for Windows NT available with
full source code on the Net?

Thanks in advance.


>From: Andrew Scherpbier[]
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>To: Venkatesh M C
>Subject: Re: ht://Dig zipped file
>Venkatesh M C wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was searching for web robots and came across ht://Dig at
>> I downloaded the .gz zip file. I don't have the
>> GNU gunzip program so I tried to go to
>> to download the unzipping utility, but when I clicked on that FTP link
>> I got a messagebox saying "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet
>> site The FTP session was terminated".
>> >From the DOS prompt I tried to ping but kept getting
>> "Request timed out" errors there too. Am I doing anything wrong?
>> My machine is a WIndows NT 4 Server with a static IP address.
>Please read the "System requirements" page on
>You need a Unix variant. win32 is not supported.
>Andrew Scherpbier <>
>Contigo Software <>

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