need help; urgent!

Laura Necula (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 12:27:26 -0700


I would really appreciate if you could help me!
I have tried to configure and install htdig, on our account on the host
server. Everything was fine, until I ran ./htmerge command. It said that
it couldn't open the database 'db.wordlist'. The reason I found was that
I typed in the htdig.conf file, the search-url "" and our
site is a virtual one. When I wrote the "" URL (in
htdig.conf file), which is our host address, everything was fine, htdig,
htmerge and htnotify ran excellent and the search engine searched in our
host site without any problems.
I need to know what I have to do to make it search on our virtual site.
Is there any solution? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you
very much.

Best regards,
Catalyst Semiconductor

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