htdig: excluding anything inside the body tags

Dave Keller (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 16:16:26 -0400


We are trying to get htdig to only pick up the titles
of the docs and nothing else.

With setting the title_factor to 10 and the text_factor
as well as all heading_factors to 0 we still get things that
are between the body tags such as links to other pages
when all we want returned in our searches is stuff from
the titles. So my question is this. Is there anything
like a body_factor we could set to 0 so that it would cause
these things to be ignored. We searched through all the faq's
and were not able to find anything on this although I think it
would make sense to have such an attribute. Any help on this
would be appreciated.

Dave Keller
Assistant Internal Webmaster
MindSpring Enterprises
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