htdig: need help implementing 1 htdig indexing multiple servers, kept separate

Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 10:14:19 -0500

Forgive me if this question has been asked before, but the archive at is
not up for me to search it.

I'm brand new to htdig and I've inherited a client site from my predecessor
uses htdig as the search engine. We're launching a new site, on the same
server, but using a different domain name (not yet public) and I was
wondering how I could use the existing installation of htdig to have a
separate search for this site. They need to be kept separate because the
client does not want searches on one site to bring up any documents on the

In the FAQ it states that:
"To use multiple databases, you will need a config file for each database.
Then each file will set the "database_base" option to change the name of the

In case the sites ever split and move to separate servers I think it would
be better for us to have two databases than to "use restrict or exclude
fields" in our searches. However, in looking through the documentation I
got with htdig, I don't see any instructions on how to accomplish this. One
alternative, of course, is to recompile a whole separate installation of
htdig for this other site, but if there is a more elegant solution which
would allow me to use the existing install of htdig could someone please
explain how I can go about implementing it?

Thank you!


Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Assoc. Director of Technology
Thunder House, New York (212) 206-2724

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