Re: htdig: htmerge: Word sort failed

Roy Hallquist (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:13:05 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Stephan P. Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> I use htdig-3.0.8b2 for indexing a php3 mirror.
> everything runs fine, when I run
> (cd /usr/local/htdig/bin/; /bin/sh ./rundig -v )
> but when I run it from cron (on my linux box - Redhat)
> I get at the end
> ...
> +htmerge: 12600:x11 ^Mhtmerge: 12700: ifparameter
> +htmerge: Word sort failed


I know that some scripts I run out of cron I have to run using the C
shell. I'm not sure why, and I don't know if I'm seeing an artifact of
something else, I just know it fixed the problem I had to solve.

In /etc/crontab, do something like this...

# Run my program
44 15 * * * root /home/my.script


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