Re: htdig: Searched on the beginning of a word

Brian Litke (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:31:22 -0500

>> I do(make) inquiry about a word "test" and I receive the list of the
>> documents. If inquiry - "tes", the documents are not found. How to make,
>> what the documents were searched on the beginning of a word?
>This requires using the "substring" or "prefix" search algorithms. The
>prefix algorithm is not in the current release, but I believe there is a
>patch to add it--it will be in the next release. Substrings would match
>words with "tes" anywhere in the word, so "states" and "test" would be

I checked for the patch at:
and couldn't find one in the 00INDEX file. Does anyone know where the
patch to enable partial word searches would be located?

When you say support will be included for the next release, do you mean the
Java ht://dig 4.0? or will there be another release of the 3.0 series?

Brian Litke
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL)

>To add either search types, you must set the search_algorithm attribute in
>your config file, e.g.
>search_algorithm: exact:1 soundex:0.3

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