Re: htdig: PDF Support

Michael Graff (
29 Jul 1998 11:01:22 -0700

Colin Viebrock <> writes:

> It looks like Adobe doesn't have a Acrobat Reader for BSDI. I'd contact
> their tech support team and ask them. (The techie guy here suggests
> *maybe* compiling the Linux version on a Linux machine, and then running it
> in Linux compatability-mode on your BSDI box. But don't hold your breath.)

I asked about a NetBSD native binary, and their answer was pretty blunt:
no, we won't support anything other than what we do now.

> Alternatively, I think there are other PDF parsers around, besides Adobe's.

Damn straight there are. Ghostscript comes to mind, if it could only
be taught to spit out raw text rather than graphics. Perhaps it can, I
might just not know how.

The difficult part is really the compression -- once you uncompress the
pdf contents I believe it smells a lot like postscript.

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