htdig: Several questions about ht://Dig

Chris Brown (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:39:09 -0500

I have several questions about htdig I was wondering if someone could answer. I am running v3.0.8b2 on a Pentium with Linux v2.0.35

1) I am still getting the "Virtual memory exceeded in 'new'" error with htnotify even though I have upped physical to 64 Megs and the swap partition is set at 130 Megs. The number of documents indexed is around 70,000. Is there any work around with this known?

2) Is there any way to log the number and type of requests made to the search engine? A format similar to Harvest's 'broker.out' would be nice. I know I can glean most of the information from the httpd's log, but would be much easier to get it in one form.

3) Has anyone written a stats generator for htdig? Something that will report number of servers indexed, how many pages from each server, etc.

4) Finally, does htdig recognize the meta tags 'keywords' and 'description'? I looked in the FAQ, but didn't find the answer for this one.

Chris Brown
University Relations
Mississippi State University

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