Question Regarding HT Dig

William Fleitz (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 17:47:05 -0700

Dear Andrew,

First thanks for HT Dig. It is a great piece of software. I do have a
question regarding configuration. I manage the Washington College of
Law web site. We have five search pages including the main page. I ran
an dig on the entire site. What I need is for the main page search to
index everything EXCEPT for some information that is in a password
protected area down in the web site hierarchy. Also for the other
search sites I want to limit those searches just to the pages within
their realm.

For example the main page is I searched the
entire site. However there are two areas at and that I do not want indexed other
than the OCS search page which is password protected so that the
information can be given to our students and alumni only. I believe you
can do this but am unsure how. Also there are other search pages that I
need to search only the pages below them in the hierarchy. For example
we have a page and I only want
pages within that realm searched. Can you share with me the best
approach to solving these problems?

Thanks for your help,

Bill Fleitz

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