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MSQL_User wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> >
> >
> > > be/not. But what about real issues such as performance... as *it* is
> > > search engine... What will Java do for us, in terms of CPU and RAM
> > > requirements...

And as in any search engine, performance is bound by the database used.
Although I am planning to use JDBC for database connectivity, I am not adverse
to using a JNI library to talk to something like the Berkeley db.

The problem with interpreted (even jitted) java bytes is the large startup
time. There are two ways to solve this:
1) Use servlets.
2) Compile to native code.

(Or #3: both!)

At my company we use TowerJ ( to compile java programs to
native code and get both good startup speed and general performance.
As soon as the GNU java frontend for gcc becomes available, you can do this
with free software.

> In Byte of may (I think) some Java gurus are optimistic about Java in the
> future. Words are that byte code programs can run with speeds up to 60%
> of native compiled C code. Better Java compilers are on the way with some
> tricky speed up things in it.
> Because Java is the new htdig programming language, my guess is that
> the searcher (not the digger) will be a servlet thingy. One can use
> a Java written web server (trying netforge now), free of charge. Servlets
> will speed up the start of execution (there is no overhead on starting the
> VM). I think speeds in't the problem (don't know about the size although).

Both the "searched" and the "indexer" will be servlets.
Might as well allow mangement of the indexing through a GUI interface (HTML).
Don't worry, you will still be able to schedule indexing runs, but it will be
a lot more light-weight than what it is now.
One of the goals is to allow concurrent indexing and searching, so that the
indexing can be running almost continuously with a very light load on the
database, indexing machine, and webservers being indexed.

P.S.: Remind me again.... Where is that place you can buy free time so I can
work on ht://Dig?

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