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On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> > be/not. But what about real issues such as performance... as *it* is
> > search engine... What will Java do for us, in terms of CPU and RAM
> > requirements...
> Unfortunately that can't really be evaluated... How good is your Java
> runtime or your Java-to-native compiler? If you've tried Java
> implementations in Netscape and MSIE, you can see that they differ widely
> in terms of RAM and CPU performance.
> While we'd be running a Java application on a server, the analogy is
> appropriate. Some Java implementations are very fast and don't take up
> much RAM. Some people may use a program to turn the Java bytecode into raw
> machine code, just like your C or C++ compiler--in this case the RAM and
> CPU requirements are the same.
> -Geoff Hutchison
> Williams Students Online

In Byte of may (I think) some Java gurus are optimistic about Java in the
future. Words are that byte code programs can run with speeds up to 60%
of native compiled C code. Better Java compilers are on the way with some
tricky speed up things in it.

Because Java is the new htdig programming language, my guess is that
the searcher (not the digger) will be a servlet thingy. One can use
a Java written web server (trying netforge now), free of charge. Servlets
will speed up the start of execution (there is no overhead on starting the
VM). I think speeds in't the problem (don't know about the size although).


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