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Torsten Neuer (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:10:43 +0200

>> Java? What will be loose and what will gain by HTDig being written
>> in Java? Will be faster? Slower? Will the modules use more RAM?
>Well I'll leave some of this to Andrew since he's much more knowledgeable
>about such things. But an obvious gain is the "Write Once, Run Anywhere"
>Java slogan. In addition to most UNIX platforms, Java programs will run on
>Macs, WinNT, Win9x... Java will also allow ht://Dig to easily interface
>with mory database types including SQL.
>For more info on what's planned for future releases, you should check out
>the TODO list: <>
>-Geoff Hutchison
>Williams Students Online


Why not then use Ada? This would provide you with even more machines
where htDig can be run on, since there are still a lot of machines with no
Java byte-code interpreter available for them.
It would also cut down the bugs, since the language is known to be able
to verify most of the programs during compile-time.
Despite the use of interpreted byte-code, htDig would stay a native binary
executable, thus not slowing down the processes of indexing or searching.
With regards to database interfaces, Ada comes with interfaces to most of
all commonly used programming languages.. even COBOL, so there should
be no problem at all to create bindings to whatever database there is on the
market. I've worked quite a lot with Ada programs in the past that did this
interfacing without causing any trouble.

- Torsten Neuer
InWise Internet Service GmbH
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