ht:\\Dig questions

Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:19:14 +0200

Hi Andrew,

I'm using ht:\\Dig at our site but I would need some important
features. Can you help me to solve these? It would be enough me to know
the place of the string comparison. The problems themselves:

- How to search for an accented word without accents? [My name is
Ákos, but I want the search program to give hit for "Akos" also.]
- How to search with wildcards? [To show "department" for "dep*".] Now
it requires _total_ matching of the two words.


Akos Domotor: postgraduate student
Techn. Univ. of Budapest, Hungary, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Measurement and Information Systems
H-1521 Budapest, Muegyetem rkp. 9., Hungary, (+36-1) 463-2057

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