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Michael J. Long (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:41:44 -0400

The xpdf package has a converter called pdftops. Unfortunately, the syntax
for pdftops is different than acroread, which means that the source for
will have to be changed.

The suggestion that I have is to do something like the following:

The complete command line to convert a PDF to PS would be entered in the
config file, like so:
# The following line is the default used by if there is no
pdf_converter in the config file
#pdf_converter: acroread -toPostScript -pairs %src %dest
# Using acroread that is not in the PATH
pdf_converter: /usr/local/bin/acroread -toPostScript -pairs %src %dest
# Using pdftops that comes in the xpdf package
#pdf_converter: /usr/local/bin/pdftops %src %dest

Where, %src would be replaced with the filename of the source PDF file and
%dest would be replaced with the destination PS file.

This would be a fairly simple fix. Any comments?

I can implement, test, and provide patches if you would like.

Michael J. Long

Jed Michnowicz wrote:

> Has anybody gotten the PDF parsing to work with something other then
> acroread. Our machine running htdig is Solaris 2.6 x86 which adobe has
> left out of the acroread world. Are there any compatible products that can
> replace acroread.

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