Re:first try

Wolfgang Brungert (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:23:52 +0200

Hello Andrew,

i'm sorry for mailing you directly, but i cannot find an answer to my problem
(i have searched dejanews without success)

I need the possibility to search for expressions like this: "C-Tel" or
"D1-Netz" and so on. I have modified the htdig.conf with the valid_punctuation
variable and removed the minus sign from the list. If i put those words in the
search field (->search.html) it shows me the result page with these Header
"Search Results for 'C or (Tel or telly)'"

This is not what i want !!!

So please can you point me in the right direction ????

Many Thanks
Wolfgang Brungert

PS: I use RedHat Linux 5.1 and htdig 3.0.8b2

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