htdig: need more answers

Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:27:44 +0300 (EET DST)

 i'm a 3th year comp eng student in tukey..
 a have some questions about your search engine..
 It would a pleasure to me if you could answer some of them..

 *how many Bytes do you index,and in how many files..

 *how often do you re-index them..
 *what kind of files do you index mostly..

 *do you use a commercial- os a free search-engine software..

 *where did you get it from(www address)

 *why did you choose such kind of one

 *IF Commercial
    *how much did you pay for it

 *do you get tech support..

 *did you modify it before using..

 *doest it satisfy your needs..

 *how long have you been used it for now..

 ....thank you for your interest..this is not a official questionary.
  be sure that what you mentioned above won't be given further..


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