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This should do fine. Thanks again for your assistance.


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Steve Briggs wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> It looks like the top of my previous email was cut off. Sorry.
> My name is Steve Briggs and I'm currently doing Y2K certification testing
> for GTE Internetworking in Cambridge, MA. Your product (Dig 2.2) is on my
> list of things to track down.
> We're looking at any programs which manipulate date information in any
> When found, we simply need to identify every place date information is
> and insure that it handles a number of specific dates and date ranges
> correctly.
> As it appears version 3.0 is the oldest one available, it may be a dead
> issue, however if you could give me any idea of what C++ date functions
> used, and how they may have been implemented in 2.2, that would be a great
> help

Unfortunately, I have zero information on ht://Dig 2.x since I don't have
sources anymore.
I can say that ht://Dig 3.0.8b2 (the current release) is y2k safe as far as
have been able to determine.
All dates are stored and manipilated in standard unix time format (seconds
since the epoch...) and are not going to be a problem. Unfortunately, since
ht://Dig gets dates from web servers, it has to depend on the ability of the
webservers to present correct dates. There are three legal formats for
served up by webservers, one of which does not include the century. The
assumption made with that type of date is that the year needs to be
incremented by 1900. In all my experience, I have seen this archaic date
format used only on an old mac webserver.
As to the conversion to and from ascii dates, the standard C library
are used for that.

I hope this is enough information.

> Thanks again for your time.
> Regards,
> Steve Briggs
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> Steve Briggs wrote:
> >
> > Hi Andrew,
> >
> > My question to you is, does Dig have any kind of Date or Calendar
> > functions, or anything which would alter a date? If so, any information
> > you could provide in this area would be very helpful. Also, is it
> possible
> > to get a copy of release 2.2? More to the point, was 2.2 an actual
> > release or a Beta? I see where you released 3.0 in January 1996.
> ht://Dig versions earlier than 3.0 don't exist anymore, as far as I know.
> I am not sure what you are asking about the date or calendar stuff. Are
> asking if ht://Dig is a calendering system, then the answer is no. If
> you're
> asking if there are some C++ functions that deal with dates, then the
> is yes.
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