Re: Dig and local file systems?

Joseph Heled (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:12:43 +1200

Andrew Scherpbier wrote:
> > Thanks. I got everyting to compile and install, but I have the horrible feeling
> > I pulled the wrong version.
> > I used 'cvs -d checkout htdig3'
> > Do I need to give a revision number or something.
> No, that command will pull out the HEAD revision, so you should be all set.
> Note that I have not tested all the newest patches that people have been
> putting into the tree... :-)
> --
> Andrew Scherpbier <>
> Contigo Software <>

I see. Since you said there is support for local file systems now, I tried

start_url: file:/export/home/joseph/tmmdoc/default.html

and running when not connected hanged, and when connected gave

htdig -i -v -s
New server: , 0
htdig: Run complete
htdig: 1 server seen:
htdig: :0 0 documents

I looked at, but could not find obvious support for "file:/"

any suggestions?


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