htdig: PDF parser

Sylvain Wallez (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 12:10:19 +0200

Hello htDiggers !

I once posted a question on the htDig list about the availability of a
PDF parser for htDig. Apparently, no ready-to-use PDF parsers exists, so
I wrote mine. It's an internal parser that uses Acrobat Reader
(acroread, free from Adobe) as a front-end to convert PDF files to

Please find the patch attached to this message (sorry for bandwidth, but
I have no publicly available site to put it on). It's a 10kb tar.gz file
that contains source files, diffs and a readme.

Andrew : do you have some plans for pdf parsing in htdig 4 ? It's a
highly wanted feature, since it's more and more the preferred choice to
publish "printable" documents.

Sylvain Wallez                  Software engineer / Intranet Webmaster
Alcatel Espace
Toulouse, France          

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