htdig: Compile problem

Josh Gemmell (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 15:11:35 -0700

>Sorry if the question has already been asked here, but I cannot
> manage to compile properly htdig 3.0.8b2 under Digital Unix 4,
> it fails with gdbm support. Example :
> gdbmreorg.c:53: argument `old_name' doesn't match prototype
> the prototype is from :
> gcc-lib/alpha-dec-osf4.0/2.8.1/include/unistd.h
> Anyone encountered that problem B4 ?
> BuG

Yes! I've just recently encountered it and I spotted your posting on the
ht://Dig archives. What I didn't see was a response. Did anybody help you?
Did you ever manage to successfully compile ht://Dig? Any help with this
would be very much appreciated.

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