Re: small error in htdig ...;-)

Manfred Furuholmen (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:14:18 +0200 (MET DST)

> You might be interested in the development efforts for ht://Dig 4. Subscribe
> to the ht://Dig mailing list and wait for more announcements about that.
 Very intresting , i read all the mail (in the mailing list) about
ht://Dig 4 , i'm not a exprt in the search and indexing engine , but
know quite well th db .

i don't read nothing about distributed information , you spoke
all in java , this could be very well with distributed object as RMI .
With RMI you could mantain different db in different comp , but will be
very simple to marge to manage big db and perhaps balnce the low of search ...
the wrong thing is , you must build a small server , and a server is always a
problema .

I think also , if you want mantain the portability you must to use the jodbc ,
me and my friends we have prefered a DB ( mysql from is very fast )
because is robust , very good assistence , exist for all platform and is possibile to build special function usable in the sql query ( exp. select title from
 miki where word SYNONYMOUS 'word passed' ) ...

anyway now a try to put order in my plans and in my english ;-)

alredy subscribe to mailing , the next mail will be on it


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