htdig: Problems with <NOFRAMES> and <TITLE>

Nils Sowen (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 21:49:21 +0200


when htdig indexes a file of the following type (I
can't change the structure):

--- cut ---

My Page <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Please use Netscape !</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> PLEASE USE NETSCAPE ! Thank you. </BODY> </HTML> &lt;/NOFRAMES&gt; <BR> <P></HTML> <P>--- cut --- <BR> <P>... it says when in the result: <BR> <P>[MyPagePlease use Netscape !] <BR> <P>... as title ! <BR> <P>Well, bug or feature ? ;) <BR> <P>Thanks, <BR> &nbsp;Nils Sowen <BR> <P><P><P><P>* Webmaster FREEPAGE.DE * <A HREF=";NOFRAMES&gt;%20and%20&lt;TITLE&gt;"></A> <BR> * Kassenberg 62 <BR> * 45479 Mülheim/Ruhr <BR> ******************************************************** <BR> * Fax: 0208-412566.3 * <A HREF=""></A> <BR> * Get Netscape now: <A HREF=""></A> <BR> * INTERNET im Ruhrgebiet: <BR> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR> To unsubscribe from the htdig mailing list, send a message to <BR> <A HREF=";NOFRAMES&gt;%20and%20&lt;TITLE&gt;"></A> containing the single word &quot;unsubscribe&quot; in <BR> the body of the message. <BR> <P><!-- body="end" --> <HR> <P> <UL> <!-- next="start" --> <LI><STRONG>Next message:</STRONG> <A HREF="0128.html"> "Quick Question"</A> <LI><STRONG>Previous message:</STRONG> <A HREF="0126.html">Michael Newton: "ht://dig bug or misdocumentation"</A> <!-- nextthread="start" --> </UL> <!-- trailer="footer" --> <HR> <P> <SMALL> <EM> This archive was generated by <A HREF="">hypermail 2.0b3</A> on <EM>Sat Jan 02 1999 - 16:26:35 PST</EM> </EM> </SMALL> </BODY> </HTML>