ht://dig bug or misdocumentation

Michael Newton (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 15:27:16 -0400


I'm running ht://dig 3.08b1. I'm using it to index and search two
different sites, and I've encountered a problem I cannot seem to

Any of these lines in my config file work correctly:

search_results_header: ${common_dir}/omegaheader.html
search_results_footer: ${common_dir}/omegafooter.html


search_results_header: /home/htdig/common/omegaheader.html
search_results_footer: /home/htdig/common/omegafooter.html

This works perfectly. I can define my header and footer files as any
valid document and it works.

But if I define nothing_found_file htsearch does not deliver it! No
matter what I define this as, a search with no hits returns "Document
contains no data."

Any of the following lines in the conf cause a search with no hits to
return "Document Contains No Data."

nothing_found_file: /home/htdig/common/omeganomatch.html
nothing_found_file: ${common_dir}/omeganomatch.html
nothing_found_file: ${common_dir}/nomatch.html

The files all exist and permissions are correct.

If I remove the nothing_found_file: line from the conf it always works
correctly and delivers the default nomatch.html.

Any idea what my problem is?

Michael Newton     
Information Systems
Omega Optical, Inc.

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