annoying bug - spaces at the end of config file

Honza Jirousek (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 14:42:00 +0500 (GMT-5)


I'm running htdig-3.0.8b2 on RH Linux 5.0 machine and I was experimenting
with multiple config files and multiple header and footer templates and
som eof these just disn't work for me. I spend few hours on it, compiled
debugging code into htsearch and finally found out the problem was in the
spaces at the and of config lines "search_results_header: ..." etc. How
anoying ... There can be not spaces, or htsearch tries to fopen the
filename including the spaces.

I'm copying this to the list, as i couldn't find any notice of this
problem there. Also, I experience the RH cron problem with htmerge
(htmerge:Word Sort Failed) which I sortof quick-fixed by ignoring return
value of pclose on /bin/sort pipe (htmerge.c). Anyone knows of better
solution ?

Please answer to my personal address as well, I'm not on the list ...


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