Re: htdig: Beta-Testing

Chris Brown (BrownC@UR.MsState.Edu)
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:38:03 -0500

>> is it possible to test ht://dig 3 and/or 4 somehow / somewhere ?

>Yes. You need to supply me with the first two fields of the passwd file entry
>for an account you want for CVS. Once I get everything organized, I'll setup
>the CVS accounts and send out instructions on how to get access. Once you
>have access, you can checkout or update a snapshot of both ht://Dig 3 and
>ht://Dig 4.
>I'll probably finish the CVS setup later this week.

I too would like on the beta team. If you'd have me, here's the first two entries:


Chris Brown
University Relations
Mississippi State University

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