htdig: Development setup

Andrew Scherpbier (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 22:21:43 -0700

Dear ht://Dig hackers,

If you are interested in helping me with ht://Dig development, please let me
Development efforts will be coordinated with CVS.
In order for me to add you to the list of CVS users, I need to following:

* A username/password combination in the form of the first two fields of an
/etc/passwd entry. something like "foobar:uf.wugyqdh7fq". Please don't
send me plaintext passwords and please don't use "turtle" as a username,
because that's mine!
* Your email address
* Whether you want to work on ht://Dig 3 or ht://Dig 4 (or both)
* Whether you want to be notified of CVS commits

In case you've never used CVS, don't worry. It is the easiest to use
revision control system I have seen. (The biggest feature is that you don't
need to use some sort of GUI!)

If you want to browse the current htdig3 and htdig4 source tree, use cvsweb

I know a lot of patches have been created and I have not been keeping up on
all of them, so please help me out and get ht://Dig updated. So far I have
added the patches that change the database to the Berkeley db and allow for
the prefix fuzzy search algorithm.

P.S.: There have been some spams mailed to the htdig mailing list. I have
no idea how to prevent that from happening. Any suggestions?

P.P.S.: Can someone with artistic abilities come up with a better logo for
ht://Dig? I have played with The GIMP and its default set of logo scripts,
but I don't really like any of them. Maybe I'll set up a contest. The
winner will get a lifetime license to ht://Dig! :-)

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Contigo Software <>
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