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Sun, 21 Jun 1998 09:51:22 +0300 (IDT)

Hello Andrew, I am the webmaster at Weizmann Institute of Science in
Rehovot, Israel. I have recently installed htdig to use as a search engine
on our site ( I want to thank you for providing
an excellent product. htdig is fairly simple to install and to maintain. I
especially like the fact that you can search different parts of our site
using the same index.

I have several questions which I would like to ask.

1. Is it possible to search on a group of words as a phrase? for example,
I want to search for "breast cancer" as a phrase - not breast and cancer but
"breast cancer".
2. I want to search different parts of the site and have each part return
a different format for the search results - something like allowing the
department name in the title of the search result page. Right now, I am
doing this by having different configuration files and specifying the
applicable header and footer file in the conf file. Is this the way to do it
or is there a way to simply specify the header and footer in the html file?
3. Is it possible to specify both restrict and exclude values in an html
document for the scope of which parts of the site are searched?
For example, suppose I have a directory called TOP. Inside this
directory are directories called ONE TWO and THREE. Is it possible to search
only in the directories ONE and TWO? Also, is it possible to search only
those documents that are in TOP but not the documents that are in directories,

Thank you very much for your time and once again, thanks for htdig.

Malki Cymbalista
Software Support, Weizmann Institute Computing Center
Rehovot, Israel 76100

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