htDig database abstraction layer

Marc-Antoine Parent (
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:06:41 -0400

Good day!

We are using htDig, and we may be interested in using it with a mySQL
database. I saw in the TODO list that a database abstraction has been
completed but not integrated in the current release (I have a fresh
download here.)

Would you be willing to hand us the database abstraction code? IF we
complete the mySQL driver based on it, we could hand it back to you.
(It is an open question, for we are on a tight schedule and may have to
give up that plan.)

If there are special arrangements to be made to facilitate this (non
disclosure, release of liability, etc.), please tell us about it.

Thank you very much for your attention,

Marc-Antoine Parent
Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal

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