Problems running HtDig under Windows NT

Alan Silver (
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 16:42:15 +0100

To: Andrew Scherpbier <>


I e-mailed you last week about compiling HTdig under Windows NT. Thanx for
your speedy reply. I found out that tsort is a standard UNIX utility that
was not included in the GNU Win32 package. I got hold of a copy from a
Linux distribution and compiled it without problem. I then managed to
compile and install HTDig with (almost) no problem (see below).

Anyway, I then tried running HTDig and ran into problems. I used the
supplied script 'rundig', the first (executable) line of which is :-
        /home/www/cgi-bin/bin/htdig -i $verbose -s
which should build a new database. This did not seem to run properly as it
gave me the following error message ...

New server: daisy, 80
0:0:0:http://daisy/: +++++++++++++++++ size = 2356
1:18:1:http://daisy/CIE/: +++++++++gdbm fatal: read error.

As I am sure you can guess, daisy is the name of my computer and the server
(Xitami web server, available from is running on port 80.
CIE is the name of one of the subdirectories which is linked from the main
page served from daisy. I tried changing the URL that HTDig uses for its
starting point, but this only resulted in a different error message,
basically the same but with a varying number of lines before the error
message. Sometimes it managed to index a few files/directories before
falling over, sometimes not.

Any ideas ? I was so hopeful when it compiled !! At least if we can sort
this out then you should be able to add Windows NT to your list of tested

Thanx very much for any help you can give,

Alan Silver

One comment to the HTDig developers : The install part of the Makefile
assumes (as is the case on a UNIX box) that all of the executables are
called htdig, htfuzzy, etc. On a DOS box (ugh), they are called htdig.exe,
htfuzzy.exe, etc. I had to modify the Makefiles to get this to work
properly. Not a big problem, but if it's easy to fix then it would help
those unfortunate souls like me who are forced to use DOS machines.

Alan Silver

The Prestwich Smile Gemach

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