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On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Andrew Scherpbier wrote:

> ht://Dig will follow the 302 and 304 HTTP redirects as defined in the HTTP
> specification.
> Is the refresh you are talking about implemented using javascript? If so,
> there's no chance that ht://Dig will every support it.

I meant <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="... . This could be
eventually extracted from head section.

> > 3. Targets
> > If I index two sites at once, and one of them is in frames, and the other
> > is not, I would need to use different targets for specific links, for
> > the second site not to be shown as sub-page of the first site.
> I'm not exactly sure what's going on here. Can you give some sample URLs?

Case is as follows: is a main city of Lodz office site and it's
'framed'. The search page is in the frame on the right (check out the
english version). is a virtual serv. -- devoted to 575th
anniversary of the city of Lodz, which is separate from frames (loads from

I dig thru both of them in one htdig configuration.

Now, if I find a page from '575' (e.g. search for 'anniversary') and click
the link, the page loads itself in the right frame, whereas it should load
from "_top".

That's where I need to alter targets in <a href... of all '575' documents
that are on the list of found docs.

> Yes, use the "substring" fuzzy algorithm. It isn't documented, but it works
> the same as the other fuzzy algorithms.

Thanks for that cute hint.

Thanks again,

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