Re: htdig: Missing Index

James Mcpherson (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 23:27:04 +1000 (GMT+1000)

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Ken Mitchelhill wrote:
> I decided to follow James MacPherson's lead that he mentioned last week
> about producing "clean" new htDig indices by deleting my old index before
> running rundig.
ObPedant - that's McPherson actually ;)

> My crontab looks like:
> 30 05 * * mon /home/kenm/abrf-www/htdig/bin/rundig
> 25 05 * * mon rm -f /home/kenm/abrf-www/htdig/db/*
> Trouble is that rundig doesn't seem to generate all the required files with
> the following error message generated:
> "Unable to read document index file
> '/home/kenm/abrf-www/htdig/db/'
> Did you run htmerge?"
> Can anyone suggest where the problem might be?

I generally run rundig with the -v option which generates copious output.
As for your pathname, is that the actual path for your site's server? Also,
if that crontab entry above is your __personal__ crontab, is the dir that
rundig is dumping the data to owned by you or another user? If by you,
you should obviously check the perms on it! If it's not owned by you, are
you at least in the group which owns it and does the group have write

Any other suggestions in the magical world of dig?


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