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Pawel Olszewski (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 14:51:57 +0200 (MET DST)


I started using your ht://Dig software and I am really happy with it
(previously I used wais-sf and it produced junk instead of real search

After some tweaking and recompiling, I have those notes (if you wanted to
hear anything):

1. Compiling
I needed to add -I/usr/include for all to compile well under gcc-2.8.1.
Besides I had *tons* of C++ warnings. Maybe it's just my configuration.

2. Redirects
If I try to index a site that has redirects, ht://Dig does not follow.
I have a few sites that have "intro" page, which just does "Refresh" after
few seconds. Htdig stops there. I thing htdig could follow the link if it
is within the indexed domain.

3. Targets
If I index two sites at once, and one of them is in frames, and the other
is not, I would need to use different targets for specific links, for
the second site not to be shown as sub-page of the first site.

That's it. Thank you again for such a fast, flexible and well-documented


P.S. Is there any method of substring search with ht://Dig. It is maybe
useless in English, but in Polish there are so many forms of one word,
that putting them all in the METAs would be a Sisyph's job (we still don't
have the dictionary of word-forms).

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