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we installed htdig on our server, works nicely.
I would like to integrate htdig into
design wise, as you did on

my admin is not a c++ guy, and any old stranger
would probably spend hours familiarizing and fiddling.

My question is: would you for a fee be willing to modify the
htdig templates for me based on my (simple) layout?
(essentially as in

And finally, can the results be delivered targeted within frames?


webmaster (at) baja (dot) com

At 10:05 PM 5/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>jms wrote:
>> Hello Andrew,
>> we are considering installing htdig on an old sgi server
>> to search
>> my question is, can the htdig logo be reduced in size?
>> or can I just feature a text based link to the htdig site?
>> sorry if this is being obnoxious :)
>Not obnoxious at all! You can do anything you want with the logo. There is
>nothing in the license that says you need to display it anywhere.
>(I don't particularly like the logo, anyway!)
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