Htdig and Mindspring

Jason Lane (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 11:18:56 -0400

  I am not sure whom to e-mail about this, we have a web hosting account
through Mindspring, and I installed the htdig search engine through the
Mindspring file manager, the problem I am having is how do I change the
results page? I can change the search page itself, but the page where
the results of the search is posted, I have no Idea where it is, or how
to change it. The only page with any references to that page is the
htsearch file in the cgi-bin, and it won't let me change it at all. I
read something about files needing to be in the "common" directory, but
on our server, that directory is blank. Please help, or forward this to
someone who can help me.
  Thank you.
   Jason Lane
The Winners' Circle

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