Re: htdig: htsearch truncates word list?

J.E.J. op den Brouw (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 13:06:38 +0200

Edmond Abrahamian wrote:
> If I use htsearch to look for, say, "black bear", then all goes fine and the
> first page of the search if presented properly. Then say I got 120 hits, and I
> press on the page 3 link at the bottom. What I'm presented with next is not
> page 3 of the search for "black bear", but page 3 for the search for "black",
> and the "refine search" field for that next page contains only the word "black"
> instead of "black bear".

Ahhh, you want to search for a phrase. Well, htdig can't do that for you
now at least). What happens is that it searches for black OR bear, and
there can be pages that contain only "black". (Excuse mon anglais...)

> Granted, I changed the FORM mode from "POST" to "GET", but switching it back
> does not seem to make a difference. Any thoughts or ideas?
> thanks,
> edmond

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