Re: htdig: won't index a group of pages

Michael Graff (
08 Jun 1998 01:16:19 -0700

Jed Michnowicz <> writes:

> "home.cgi?name=status"
> "home.cgi?name=contacts"
> etc...
> Htdig will index the page "home.cgi", but it will not index the links in
> the page that have the "home.cgi?name=somthing".

IMHO, "good" -- indexing generated pages from CGIs seems wrong. :)

> In the config file, I have limit_urls_to setup as:
> servername\cgi-bin\majordomo
> The document resides at:
> servername\cgi-bin\majordomo\home.cgi
> so this should not be the problem.

Complete with backslashes? Or forward, like they should be?

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