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05 Jun 1998 17:27:17 -0500


First let me ask to please CC any reply to me since I'm not

I downloaded HTDIG -- it looks very good and has a much more agreeable
license than WebGlimpse! However, I've noticed several problems.

First, let me lay out the situation -- I have a server named, and there is another name,,
that is a CNAME for it due to the realization that a lot of people
misspell gesundheit. So all URLs given out reference

The first problem is that HTDIG doesn't understand HTTP/1.1. For
clients that do, the server will use in all
redirects -- preserving the URL that the client thought it was looking
up. However, it doesn't do that for HTTP/1.0 (it can't), so this
leads to trouble. I have references to things like, which gets redirected to for clients with
HTTP/1.0. That seems to confuse HTDIG, and leads to confusing results
for viewers.

Problem 2: Here are two lines from my config:


This setup will cause HTDIG to skip the /events URL as mentioned
above, even though it gets redirected to something that IS in the
allowed set. Changing the start_url to magically fixes the problem, but
it should act no differently.

Suggestions appreciated.


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