Re: htdig: multiple indices

Michael Graff (
05 Jun 1998 10:59:05 -0700

Luis Muench <> writes:

> Hello diggers
> Can someone share a doc or url where I might see how to set up separate
> searchable indices. I have 2 mailinglists and wish to search them
> separately...

I don't know about that, but I have several virtual sites on my system,
each of which has its own index.

Here is what I did:

o First, to make htdig into one nice compact package, I renamed
        the cgi-bin/htsearch binary to htdig/htsearch.cgi and altered
        the search form to call it instead. That isn't strictly needed,
        but I find it handy.

o Second, I created a seperate search form for each section/virtual
        host I wanted to search. Here is an example:

        <input type=hidden name=config value=www_flame_org>

        Each section I want to search has a different value=
        name. Note that you cannot use ``.'' in the name -- this
        was unexpected and bit me until I UTSLd. (Use the Source, Luke)

o In the index phase, I set up the config file www_flame_org and
        www_sorcery_net to index starting at a different URL, so each
        will index its own area. I also restrict each to its own
        subtree -- this ends up being the default in most cases.

o I also have a "combined" index that has everything in it. This
        takes a hell of a lot of disk space, but...

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