htdig: Search Problem...

Michael M. Imrick (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 23:12:57 -0500

Greetings to everyone on the list...

I seem to have a problem with HT://Dig.. I get it to dig and merge,
but when I try to search the dbs with htsearch, it can't find
anything. No errors, it just returns the page saying that it can't
find that string. I know that it should find something...

All four db files add up to around 450 mbs... Is this too much for
Ht://Dig to handle? Am I forgetting a switch or something?

I would appreciate any help on this problem. I have tried various
things for the past 3 weeks, but nothing seems to work..



p.s. I tried logging htmerge and htdig, there were 0 errors..


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