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Andrew Scherpbier (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 18:02:59 +0000

jason moore wrote:
> Hi Andrew,


> Second, I noted with interest that you are starting work on htdig 4.
> From what I gathered in your posting, it will be a rewrite in java, but
> will it also involve a complete redesign? (specifically in how the
> indexes are built/stored.)

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the reasons of redesigning the thing.

> The reason I ask, is that there are some features that I would like to
> add to the current htdig (e.g. altavista style booleans: +get -reject,
> hyphenated search term support, multiple word search term support:
> "Hunter S. Thompson".) and I am wondering whether there is a forum for
> discussing these types of things beyond submitting patches to the list.

Keep the suggestions coming... Send them to the list.
Maybe I'll add an interactive wishlist to
Although I don't always respond to messages, I do read all of them...

> The other reason I ask, is that as much as I like java, I think having a
> c++ version (of htsearch at least) would open up htdig to the widest
> possible audience. java servlets while cool, are not a fully trusted
> technology in a lot of organizations. I recently worked on a project
> with apache and jserv and there was a serious memory leak in the version
> of the jdk that we were using. We had to wait for a new version of the
> jdk before we could put the site in a production environment. There's
> just a lot of dependencies with servlets: webserver, jserv, jsdk, jdk...
> so, would you be opposed to a parallel development of a new version of
> htsearch in c++?

Java VMs are improving. By the time ht://Dig 4 is usable, expect the any JVM
memory problems to be gone. I personally use jdk1.1.5 under Debian with tya06
as its JIT. Never had any memory problems. Contigo Software's servers run
under SPARC solaris with jdk1.1.6. They stay up for weeks at the time without
any memory problems (We only restart them when we upgrade the software...)
However, I don't have a problem with parallel development, as long as I don't
have to write the C++. (I'll write C if I absolutely have to, but...)

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Contigo Software <>
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