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Paul (
Thu, 28 May 1998 16:05:30 -0700

Andrew Scherpbier wrote:
> Paul Sharples wrote:
> >
> > Andrew,
> >
> > Hi.
> > I work in tech support at an ISP and I'm trying to set up your search
> > engine as a possible resource for our clients. I'm running the Apache
> > web server with Solaris 2.5.1 on a Pentium. I replaced my version of
> > make with the GNU version that you recomend and made sure that the c++
> > library was present(I have gcc). When I tried to compile the code, the
> > compilation aborted because of errors. The configuration seemed to be OK
> > but I don't know how to interpret the error messages I got. In case you
> > are providing support for this package and/or are interested in bug
> > reports, I've attached make's text output. Maybe you can suggest a
> > solution. Thanks in advance for your attention.
> >
> > -Paul Sharples
> Hmmm... From the output you provided it looks like the libg++ headers were
> found but not the actual library.
> On your system, look for "libg++.a" or "*". When you find one of
> these, manually put the path of the directory that contains the library in
> the LIBDIRS variable in Makefile.config. So if your libg++.a is located in
> /opt/lib/libg++.a, add "-L/opt/lib" to the LIBDIRS variable.
> I hope this will let you compile ht://Dig. I don't have access to an solaris
> intel system, so this is about as good as I can do.
> Good luck.
> BTW, mindspring is already doing what you plan on doing. I have gotten quite
> a few help requests from mindspring customers :-( I feel bad because I
> really can't answer every single question.
> --
> Andrew Scherpbier <>
> Contigo Software <>


Thanks for your reply. We have several Sparc machines here and I plan to
test htdig on one of these at some point. I have a couple of other
questions in the meantime, though. There are two configuration files:
one called CONFIG and the other called CONFIG.solaris. Should both of
these be edited? Are they both read by the compiler? Also, is it OK to
take out the $variables that come before some of the entries in the
CONFIG file and replace them with the full path? Thanks again.


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