Hello from russia!

Vlad Gerasimov (vlad@info.novsu.ac.ru)
Tue, 26 May 1998 09:30:52 +0400

Hi Andrew!

I'm Vlad Gerasimov - webmaster of http://www.novgorod.ru
Now I compile & install ht://Dig on search.novgorod.ru - in russian
It working!!!
Thanks for you work!

Now my suggestion ;-)

preamble - this suggestion is plug-ins for ht://Dig
Plug-ins 1 - log file of address clients & request (word)
Plug-ins 2 - statistic of request (based on plug-ins 1)
Add-on - new key in ht://Dig conf - disabled attribute "changed" of
document. This is real problem in
russian situation. Russian Apache decode document (from koi8 to windows
or inside out ) on the fly
and document always changed.

Thanks for your time.
Vlad Gerasimov
ps. i understand that i have sourse and i may make with him all plug-ins
& add-ons, but i think that
all people will be happy ;-)

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